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Meet Shivangi

Shivangi is a Psychotherapist in India with 3+ years of experience in workplace mental health, relationships, and personal development-related mental health concerns. In the last two years alone, She has supported 50+ individuals with their mental health journey through one-on-one therapy and facilitated support groups. She also conducts webinars and facilitates workshops on mental health-related topics. Shivangi offers online therapy sessions to Indians globally. Virtual Psychotherapy has been on the rise since the pandemic. Shivangi believes that offering affordable online therapy helps break the stigma and make mental healthcare more affordable. A firm believer in inclusivity, Shivangi is a queer affirmative & trauma-informed practitioner. If anyone reading this is looking for support, book a session today.

My Therapeutic Orientation

Shivangi’s approach to therapy is solution focused and draws heavily from narrative therapy. These approches externalise problems,contextualise them to the sociocultural and political milieu that an individual lives in and  focuses on finding esolutions. Shivangi is also trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and rational emotive behavioural therapy. She often draws upon the best elements of different approaches to tailor therapy in accordance with client needs.

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