50 Questions to Ask Your Therapist


50 Questions to Ask Your Therapist

Yes, you read that right. In this blog post I will be sharing 50 questions you can ask your therapist. Yes, you can and should ask your therapist questions. You have the right to know about your therapist as a professional and the rationale behind everything that goes on in therapy. So read along and make sure you ask your therapist at least some of these questions and let me know how it went for you.

  1. Educational Qualifications
    1. What are your educational qualifications?
    2. Any certifications that you may have completed?
    3. How do you ensure continuous learning?
    4. Are you under supervision?
  2. Therapeutic Orientation & Experience
    1. Why did you choose to become a therapist?
    2. What school of therapy do you practice?
    3. How long have you been practicing?
    4. What concerns do you specialize in?
    5. When was the last time you saw a client with concerns similar to mine?
    6. How many clients have you seen with concerns like mine?
    7. Are you seeking personal therapy?
    8. Would you describe your work as goal-directed or exploratory?
    9. Is giving homework something that you ascribe?
  3. Financial Questionscash for therapy
    1. How much do you charge per session?
    2. Do you have a sliding scale policy?
    3. Do you charge for cancellations?
    4. Do you charge for no-shows?
    5. How do I reach out to you outside of our sessions? Do you charge for that?
    6. What happens when you go on leave?
    7. How do we go about cancellations from your end?
    8. What happens if I take a break in therapy?
    9. Can we restart therapy after termination?
  4. About Their Personhood
    1. Are you religious, how does that impact your role as a therapist?
    2. What are some identities that you think impact your work as a therapist, both positively & negatively?
    3. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a therapist?
  5. On Therapy
  1. How do you ensure confidentiality? Are there any limits to it?
  2. What does a typical session look like?
  3. How often do you anticipate seeing me and for how long?
  4. what is the duration of our sessions?
  5. How do you set goals what does success look like for you?
  6. How should I prepare for my first session?
  7. Who is your ideal client?
  8. Is there a particular approach to therapy that you resonate highly with?
  9. which approach to therapy would you say is your home ground and why?
  10. What kind of readings/ resources do you share with clients?
  11. What if we disagree with the approach/ work that we are doing
  12. What are your expectations from a client?
  13. What if we aren’t a good fit?
  14. Do you take the lead in therapy or allow me to take the lead?
  15. what can I do to make the best out of therapy?
  16. In case I need a diagnosis or medication will you be able to help me?
  17. How does research support the use of this approach of therapy for my concerns?
  18. What should I work on this week?
  19. How do you think we are doing?
  20. What are some other things that I can do in the week to improve my mental health?
  21. Are we a good fit?
  22. What part of my life do you focus on- the past, present or the future?
  23. What are we trying address through this work?
  24. What was the rationale behind the homework you gave me last week?
  25. What are some of the limitations of therapy?

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